24/7 Emergency Line – 718 -232 1300

Answering your call with dignity respect compassion

America’s only all-female EMT corps, we provide emergency medical care
to women in the Jewish community, respecting their values of modesty.

Answering your call with dignity respect compassion

America’s only all-female EMT corps, we provide emergency medical care
to women in the Jewish community, respecting their values of modesty.

No more uncomfortable encounters.
No more awkward scenarios.

Just a team of qualified women who treat you in a competent and reassuring manner.


With a 24/7 emergency line, our own ambulance, and branches in Boro Park, Flatbush and Manhattan,
we respond to your local call rapidly.


We are a state-certified ambulance service, with licensed EMT volunteers, many with additional medical training, such as paramedics and doulas, ensuring you top-tier care.


Our all-female crew draw on their natural caregiving instincts and personal experience
to treat you with empathy and

We answered your call.

Not just state certified. State awarded.

2017 NYS Department of Health EMS Bureau

2018 NYC Regional EMS Council (Remsco)

2019 Public Citation from Eric Adams, President of the Borough of Brooklyn

Making the world a better place

“Ezras Nashim is an outstanding ambulance corps that has made our borough, city, nation and world a better place; I commend [them] for allowing women to focus on their health...and I thank them for all that they have done to help our communities move forward as One Brooklyn.”
Eric Adams,
Mayor of New York City

These awards aren’t just fancy achievements.
They symbolize the exceptional care
we give our patients.

What we do on the beat


Our volunteers are trained to treat pediatric, adolescent and geriatric emergencies, specialising in emergency labor and OB-GYN.


As a licensed Volunteer Ambulance Service (VAS), we transport patients to hospital in our brand-new fully-equipped ambulance.


We offer training through our partners, to expand our reach and bring dignified emergency care to more women. 

We're making
a difference

For personal, cultural or religious reasons, many women prefer to be treated by female EMTs. 

Whether for an awkwardly-located burn or an emergency home birth, it feels more modest, more dignified and more comfortable. 

And just as women can choose where to shop, bank or eat out, they should be able to choose who handles their emergency. 

Our EMTs are trained in all areas of emergency — particularly emergency labor, OB/GYN and neonatal resuscitation — so that women no longer have to compromise their comfort to receive competent care.

We can’t choose when emergencies show up. But with your support, we can choose who does.

From the patient's diary

Real people. Real lives.

Stories of help and hope are made possible by our dedicated EMT volunteers — and people like you.

Rachel's Story

“They were wonderful, patiently explaining what was happening.”

Rachel was a three-week newlywed when she had a severe bout of flu. After a few days, her symptoms worsened. Then, her breathing became labored…

Chani's Story

“My baby came fast, but you came faster.”

It wasn’t her first pregnancy, but as Chani approached her due date, she had an ominous feeling about her upcoming birth…

Ortal's Story

“I felt engulfed in their compassion.”

Ortal was at work when she started feeling lightheaded. She has anemia, so she knew it meant her iron levels were very low. She felt a faint coming on…

"I wish I'd have had them."

"I wish I would have had Ezras Nashim on the vulnerable occasion that I needed them, and I’m therefore on a mission to support their critical cause — because no woman should have to think twice or delay getting help in an emergency. Women have always been there for women, as we see in the Torah. Ezras Nashim’s cause is not about Feminism. It’s about following the rules of tzniut, modesty, and respect to our Torah values. Many women in a fragile and vulnerable state feel much more comfortable being treated by women."
Chagit Sofiev Leviev
CEO, Leviev Group USA

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We treat emergencies big and small. You can also call us for non-emergency home-visits, such as for pre- or post-surgery, postpartum, terminal illness, blood pressure monitoring, pain management etc. to ensure your concerns are handled with discretion, and without delay.
Our state-of-the-art Type II ambulance is equipped with all basic life support (BLS) equipment, including the more specialized hydraulic (electric) stretcher. Between 2-4 EMTs accompany each patient transport.
Her husband called the local emergency service. Three men arrived without delay, but for Rachel, their presence was heavy and overwhelming. The anxiety made breathing more difficult. Luckily, she remembered where she’d saved the number of Ezras Nashim. Within minutes, female EMTs showed up. Calming, reassuring and understanding. “The women coaxed me into concentrating on my breathing and calming me down,” recounts Rachel. “They were wonderful, patiently explaining what was happening all the way to the hospital and staying on with me for a couple of hours. I’ll be forever grateful to Ezras Nashim.” Rachel, Brooklyn, NY.
She saved Ezras Nashim’s number to her speed dial, hoping she wouldn’t need it. She wasn’t even sure why she did that, but she did know that, if she had the super quick birth she dreaded, she didn't want a man rushing in to catch the baby. “That would’ve been traumatic for me. In any case, I didn’t dream it would get to that.” Famous last words. When labor came on heavily at home, she speed dialed Ezras Nashim. "The dispatcher was calm, patient and reassuring. Within minutes, two incredible lifesavers appeared at my house, turning the bathroom into a hospital room. I cannot even describe the professionalism they displayed. My baby Rivka’le came so fast, but they were faster. To have personally witnessed and experienced Ezras Nashim in action is a gift." And that was just the beginning. The way they expertly took care of the newborn, swaddled her and handed her to an emotional Chani, brought to her mind Shifra and Puah, the Jewish midwives. "Your selfless, dedicated women came into my life to create a miracle and you quietly slipped out when you were done.” Chani, Brooklyn, NY.
She says her worst fear was fainting and waking up to a group of men treating her. So she dialed Ezras Nashim fast. Within minutes, their ambulance was on the way. Ortal did pass out, but Ezras Nashim members were there to treat her. “They made sure I felt safe, respected and covered at all times — as they got me into the ambulance and while transporting me to the hospital. They didn’t leave my side for a minute, assuring me they’d be there in case I’d pass out again. That knowledge really calmed me down.” But what really moved her, was that the EMTs later reached out to check how she felt or if they could help further in any way. “That was unbelievably sweet and thoughtful and really made me feel engulfed in their compassion. Thank you for your professionalism and care.” Ortal, Brooklyn, NY.

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