Everything You Need To Know About Cleaning Safety

How To Stay Safe While Cleaning for Pesach

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It’s that time of year again.

We’re cleaning the house in preparation for Peach.


But do you know how dangerous cleaning can be?


Here are three things to be aware of

Toxic chemicals

Make sure you read the label of every product you use for instructions. When using harsh chemicals, spray next to an open window or even outside when necessary.

Young children

Keep children safe from cleaning supplies. Store sprays in a locked, out-of-reach cabinet, and be careful not to spray when they’re close.

Unprotected skin

Protect any skin that could come into contact with these chemicals. Roll down your sleeves to protect your arms, and wear gloves, goggles, and a mask, where needed.

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Which type of cleaning method describes you?


Miss Super Organized

“Chanukah has just finished. I’ve polished the menorahs, put them in their wrapping, and stored them in the attic. Perfect time to start Pesach cleaning. I’m doing one room a week, ending with the kitchen around Purim time. We’re going to be cleaning the LEGOs with toothpicks, scrubbing the floors on our hands and knees, and using toothbrushes between the car seats.”

(This is me!)


Miss Principled

“Pesach is NOT the time to ‘Spring-clean.’ In fact, we start Pesach cleaning precisely two weeks before Pesach. We put all the chometz in one cabinet and then vacuum all the cabinets in the kitchen. We have a rule year-round that there’s no food in the bedrooms, so we don’t need to clean those rooms at all, other than the standard cleaning for yom tov.”

(This is proudly me.)


Miss Last Minute

“What?? Pesach is here again??? We’ve just finished Purim, and there are bags of nosh everywhere! Okay, we have one week left, so I really have to get started… Let’s see. We’ll start by putting everyone’s Purim (and Simchas Torah) nosh from all the bedrooms in one big bag. Then we’ll need to collect all the wrappers and empty everyone’s pockets and go through all the toys…”

(Sounds too familiar…)

No matter when you started, everyone’s doing their last-minute cleaning now.


Do you know how to clean safely?

We treat emergencies big and small. You can also call us for non-emergency home-visits, such as for pre- or post-surgery, postpartum, terminal illness, blood pressure monitoring, pain management etc. to ensure your concerns are handled with discretion, and without delay.
Our state-of-the-art Type II ambulance is equipped with all basic life support (BLS) equipment, including the more specialized hydraulic (electric) stretcher. Between 2-4 EMTs accompany each patient transport.
Her husband called the local emergency service. Three men arrived without delay, but for Rachel, their presence was heavy and overwhelming. The anxiety made breathing more difficult. Luckily, she remembered where she’d saved the number of Ezras Nashim. Within minutes, female EMTs showed up. Calming, reassuring and understanding. “The women coaxed me into concentrating on my breathing and calming me down,” recounts Rachel. “They were wonderful, patiently explaining what was happening all the way to the hospital and staying on with me for a couple of hours. I’ll be forever grateful to Ezras Nashim.” Rachel, Brooklyn, NY.
She saved Ezras Nashim’s number to her speed dial, hoping she wouldn’t need it. She wasn’t even sure why she did that, but she did know that, if she had the super quick birth she dreaded, she didn't want a man rushing in to catch the baby. “That would’ve been traumatic for me. In any case, I didn’t dream it would get to that.” Famous last words. When labor came on heavily at home, she speed dialed Ezras Nashim. "The dispatcher was calm, patient and reassuring. Within minutes, two incredible lifesavers appeared at my house, turning the bathroom into a hospital room. I cannot even describe the professionalism they displayed. My baby Rivka’le came so fast, but they were faster. To have personally witnessed and experienced Ezras Nashim in action is a gift." And that was just the beginning. The way they expertly took care of the newborn, swaddled her and handed her to an emotional Chani, brought to her mind Shifra and Puah, the Jewish midwives. "Your selfless, dedicated women came into my life to create a miracle and you quietly slipped out when you were done.” Chani, Brooklyn, NY.
She says her worst fear was fainting and waking up to a group of men treating her. So she dialed Ezras Nashim fast. Within minutes, their ambulance was on the way. Ortal did pass out, but Ezras Nashim members were there to treat her. “They made sure I felt safe, respected and covered at all times — as they got me into the ambulance and while transporting me to the hospital. They didn’t leave my side for a minute, assuring me they’d be there in case I’d pass out again. That knowledge really calmed me down.” But what really moved her, was that the EMTs later reached out to check how she felt or if they could help further in any way. “That was unbelievably sweet and thoughtful and really made me feel engulfed in their compassion. Thank you for your professionalism and care.” Ortal, Brooklyn, NY.

Stay Safe While Cleaning For Pesach This Year