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Our Team

Our Founders

At the fore of our corps


Hon. Rachel E. Freier,


From behind the judge’s bench to behind the ambulance wheel...

Judge Rachel Freier, founder of Ezras Nashim, wears many hats on top of paramedic — not least of which is US Civil Court Judge. 

Elected as Judge in 2016, it was a step up from her career in law, where she was licensed to practice in New York, New Jersey and Washington DC.

As a wife, mother, grandmother and longtime community activist, Ruchie — as she is better known — made history as the first Chassidic woman elected to public office,  earning an honor from her alma maters, Touro College and Brooklyn Law School.

Very nice, but what does that have to do with Ezras Nashim — Ruchi’s current project? 

A lot.

Establishing an ambulance corps needs a lot of legal wrangling. Licenses, permits, qualifications, to name a few.

Who better than Judge Freier to tackle that? 

So when a group of Chassidic female EMTs in Borough Park asked her to assist them in volunteering for women during emergencies, she didn’t just smile her pretty smile and move on. 

Not Ruchie. 

Ruchie was the one who founded Chasdei Devorah, a non profit—-, in memory of her friend. She founded B’Derech, a non profit advocating for adolescents in the Chassidic community. 

She could do it again. 

She dove in head-on, training first as an EMT and then as a paramedic, at CLI, North Shore — so she could be a truly effective leader. 

Gavel in hand, stethoscope in other, Ruchi has successfully bridged the gap for women in emergency medical care.

One small step for a woman. One giant step for womankind. 

Medical Director

Dr. Allen W. Cherson,


From manning Ground Zero’s command center to building Ezras Nashim from the ground up...

Dr. Cherson is a former member of the NYC REMAC and former chair of the credentialing subcommittee. He is an active member of the Protocol and Medical Standards Committees.

On top of his storied career, he served in the Woodmere Fire Department for 30 years, rising to the ranks of EMS Medical Director and Fire District Surgeon. 

Very nice, but how does putting out fires help advance our mission?

You bet. 

Working his way up the ladder, pun intended, and gracing the board of dozens of prestigious medical emergency boards, it was in his capacity at the FDNY’s department of mass casualty and weapons of mass destruction, that he ended up as the Medical Command Physician on the apocalyptic site of ground zero, on September 11, 2001.

Who better than Dr. Cherson to drive own our humble groundbreaking mission?

It doesn’t end there.

Thanks to his front line position, Ezras Nashim EMTs have the unique opportunity to join New York City EMTs by riding with them on FDNY ambulances as they respond to emergency calls. 

Dr. Cherson is also a member of the New York City Regional Emergency Medical Advisory Committee, where he chairs the Certification and Credentialing Subcommittee and is an active member of the Protocol and Medical Standards Committees.

With these prestigious credentials behind us, you can be sure our organization is the apple of the Big Apple’s eye.

Chief Operating Officer

Leah Freier-Levine

Like mother, like daughter...

Leah Levine watched charity in action all her life. Volunteering for the community practically pulses through her veins. It’s therefore no surprise she chose to join her mother in bringing dignified emergency care to more women. 

Leah graduated with honors from Touro College, earning her BA in psychology and human services. She took courses in both leadership and non-profit and is currently working towards an MBA in non-profit management. Admirably, she also completed an EMT training, proving that this is not just a profession, but a passion. Indeed, she was recently nominated for the Jefferson Award, in recognition for ‘outstanding commitment to public service’.

Her duties as COO include fundraising, recruitment, outreach, marketing, social media, operations management — and everything in between. 

Young though she may be, she often represents Ezras Nashim for news and media engagements and has been featured in prominent newspapers, such as the NY Times and NY Post and aired on TV and radio, such as 1010 WINS, and the German TV Galilo, which garnered over a million views!

But while she prides herself in being the face of Ezras Nashim, she is first and foremost a devoted wife and mother to her little boy and girl.

Our Team

The components of our corps


Comprised of volunteer women who are trained and licensed by New York State, our EMTs can treat pediatric, adolescent and geriatric emergencies. 

As per our main goal, to assist women during emergency labor and delivery, our EMTs are particularly proficient in emergency labor and OB/GYN, and many are certified in neonatal resuscitation (NPR). Many of our members are also trained in complementing fields, such as paramedics, registered nurses and doulas, bringing a higher level of professionalism to the table.

Steering Committee

Comprised of our founders, as well as a line-up of professionals in the medical field, the steering committee makes decisions on our policies and goals.


Comprised of volunteer women in the community, the dispatchers are trained to man the emergency lines from home, imparting calm and reassurance through the phone waves until help arrives.

Rabbinic Board

Comprised of a group of prominent Rabbonim, the Rabbinic committee handles halachic and hashkafic issues as they arise. Ezras Nashim is endorsed by many gedolim, including Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, Rabbi Elya Dov Wachtfogel, shlita, and Rav Yitzchok Silberstein, shlitaRead written endorsements. 

Operations Committee

Comprised of our dedicated EMTs and other medical professionals, the operations committee makes decisions for the continued smooth running of daily operations.

Advisory Board

Comprised of both men and women who support our community with excellent business and non profit acumen, the members volunteer their time and expertise for consults on a regular basis.

From the Rabbi's pen

We treat emergencies big and small. You can also call us for non-emergency home-visits, such as for pre- or post-surgery, postpartum, terminal illness, blood pressure monitoring, pain management etc. to ensure your concerns are handled with discretion, and without delay.
Our state-of-the-art Type II ambulance is equipped with all basic life support (BLS) equipment, including the more specialized hydraulic (electric) stretcher. Between 2-4 EMTs accompany each patient transport.
Her husband called the local emergency service. Three men arrived without delay, but for Rachel, their presence was heavy and overwhelming. The anxiety made breathing more difficult. Luckily, she remembered where she’d saved the number of Ezras Nashim. Within minutes, female EMTs showed up. Calming, reassuring and understanding. “The women coaxed me into concentrating on my breathing and calming me down,” recounts Rachel. “They were wonderful, patiently explaining what was happening all the way to the hospital and staying on with me for a couple of hours. I’ll be forever grateful to Ezras Nashim.” Rachel, Brooklyn, NY.
She saved Ezras Nashim’s number to her speed dial, hoping she wouldn’t need it. She wasn’t even sure why she did that, but she did know that, if she had the super quick birth she dreaded, she didn't want a man rushing in to catch the baby. “That would’ve been traumatic for me. In any case, I didn’t dream it would get to that.” Famous last words. When labor came on heavily at home, she speed dialed Ezras Nashim. "The dispatcher was calm, patient and reassuring. Within minutes, two incredible lifesavers appeared at my house, turning the bathroom into a hospital room. I cannot even describe the professionalism they displayed. My baby Rivka’le came so fast, but they were faster. To have personally witnessed and experienced Ezras Nashim in action is a gift." And that was just the beginning. The way they expertly took care of the newborn, swaddled her and handed her to an emotional Chani, brought to her mind Shifra and Puah, the Jewish midwives. "Your selfless, dedicated women came into my life to create a miracle and you quietly slipped out when you were done.” Chani, Brooklyn, NY.
She says her worst fear was fainting and waking up to a group of men treating her. So she dialed Ezras Nashim fast. Within minutes, their ambulance was on the way. Ortal did pass out, but Ezras Nashim members were there to treat her. “They made sure I felt safe, respected and covered at all times — as they got me into the ambulance and while transporting me to the hospital. They didn’t leave my side for a minute, assuring me they’d be there in case I’d pass out again. That knowledge really calmed me down.” But what really moved her, was that the EMTs later reached out to check how she felt or if they could help further in any way. “That was unbelievably sweet and thoughtful and really made me feel engulfed in their compassion. Thank you for your professionalism and care.” Ortal, Brooklyn, NY.